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September 2022 Student Services Update

DASL Update regarding pre-identification file exports. New Received File for the follow up of your concentrators in EMIS updates. GradeBook back to school integration process district feedback. Fall Special Service RoundTable on Wednesday, September 28th[…]

To sign up trainings click here: Please remember you have to sign into the website in order to click RSVP. All trainings will be held in NEOnet lab unless otherwise noted
9/14/22 Student Services Open Lab 1:00 PM
9/15/22 Gradebook Roundtable 9:00 AM- Hybrid
9/15/22 DASL Roundtable 10:00 AM- Hybrid
9/15/22 EMIS CrossCheck Update 9:00 AM- Virtual Only
9/22/22 DataMap Roundtable 9:00 AM- Hybrid
9/28/22 Special Services Roundtable 9:00 AM- Hybrid
9/28/22 Student Services Open Lab 1:00 PM
10/4/22 DASL EMIS Beg. of Year Student & Staff Checklist 9:00 AM- Hybrid
10/5/22 EMIS & SPS working together 9:00 AM-Hybrid
10/5/22 DataMap Refresher 1:00 PM- Hybrid
10/12/22 Student Services Open Lab 9:00 AM
10/12/22 GradeBook Report Card Troubleshooting & Testing 1:00 PM
10/12/22 DataMap RIMP Refresher 1:00 PM-Hybrid

DASL Update
There are several Pre-Identification export files available in DASL to send to the testing vendors. Some export files are located at Management-Import/Export, while others can be found under the Analytics Hub report section. The Procedural Checklists for Pre-Id files offered in the Learning Center are a fantastic resource on where to find the Pre-Id files, criteria to review before downloading, and any extra steps required before you upload the file to the testing vendor. It is highly encouraged users review the checklist while processing pre-ids. Checklists can be located in the Learning Center by clicking the ? Icon- Student Information-Student Information: Procedural Checklists. If you have any questions please reach out to

EMIS Update:

ODE released a new Received File for the follow up of your concentrators. Inclusion of students on the report is based on current year enrollment. If your concentrators have not been reported as enrolled, they will be on report.

Once you have submitted your Initial Student collection, verify the students on your file, and their Program of Concentration. A student becomes a concentrator when they have completed two courses in a Career Tech program.

FY23 CTE Concentrator Appeal Open
From Monday, Sept. 12 through Friday, Oct. 7, superintendents of traditional districts, community schools, STEM schools, and joint vocational school districts required to report career-technical education follow-up data in EMIS may review the students included in their 2023 CTE Follow-up Stdnt Draft. If the list is incorrect due to misreporting of concentrator data in EMIS, please review the guidance document for completing an appeal.

Collections Closing:                                                                           

FY22 Student Course Grade Collection – 9.14.22

FY22 Current Graduation Credit Progress Collection – 9.14.22

FY23 Calendar Collection – Initial – 9.28.22

Collections Opening:

FY23 Student Course Grade Collection – 9.15.22

FY23 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment Collection –9.22.22

FY23 Summer and Fall End of Course Assessment Collection – 9.22.22

FY23 Fall Early Learning Assessment Collection – 9.22.22

FY23 Current Graduation Credit Progress Collection – 9.22.22

Data Appeals

22 Summer 3rd Grade Reading – Open 8.15.22 – 8.26.22

            Deadline to submit corrected data is 9.2.22 @ 5 PM

FY22 Funding – Open 8.22.22 – 9.2.22

FY22 Early Learning AssessmentOpen 8.29.22 – 9.9.22

            Deadline to submit corrected data is 9.15.22

FY22 Child Outcome Summary – Open 8.29.22 – 9.9.22

            Deadline to submit corrected data is 9.15.22

EMIS Data Review & Verification

FY22 Report Card Data – Review period 8.22.22 – 9.12.22

  • Collections included:
  • FY22 Spring End of Course State Assessment Collection 
  • FY22 Spring State Assessment Grades 3-8 Collection
  • FY22 Fall 3rd Gr ELA and Reading Collection
  • FY22 End of Year Student Collection
  • FY22 SOES End of Year Student Collection
  • FY22 DPR Assessment Collection
  • FY22 March Follow-up Collection
  • FY22 OGT Assessment Collection
  • FY22 Spring Alternate Assessment Collection
  • FY22 Other Accountability Assessments
  • FY22 Calendar Collection – Final
  • FY22 Final Staff and Course Collection
  • FY22 OELPA Assessment Collection

Last school year the Gradebook team held meetings with our districts to re-evaluate the back to school integration process. With the help of ideas from districts, this 22-23 school year NEOnet offered 3 options for GradeBook Integration. The Gradebook team completed 95 District Integrations.

78% New NEOnet:

New for the 2022-23 school year – a district may opt to have NEOnet do their Beginning of Year Setup for them! Selecting this option, you will choose the date by which you’d like your setup done, provide us with the choices and selections you prefer, and some prior year screen shots and we do the rest!

14% In-Person:

A district can choose to attend an in-person lab where Bethany/Lori will walk them through setup. Six dates in August were offered.

8% Self-Administered:

A district may choose to do their GradeBook Setup on their own using instructions sent via email. It is recommended that districts choosing this option take screenshots of their current year GradeBook for reference prior to shutdown.

Special Services Refresh and SameGoal

Special Services Fall RoundTable

The Fall Special Service RoundTable on Wednesday, September 28th. The Special Services Meeting is for any staff in the district involved in the Special Education process and software.  This meeting reviews the software releases, form changes & functionality, EMIS Reporting and a forum to discuss issues.

The SpecialServices Roundtable can be attended at NEOnet Room A or via Zoom and will begin at 9:00am for SPS Refresh and 10am for SameGoal

SpecialServices Refresh and SameGoal will share the zoom link below.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 921 3058 1006
Passcode: Special

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If you are unable to login, and password reset did not help, please create a helpdesk ticket via email or phone (330.926.3900).