All of the following committees identified to the right provide communication, feedback, and oversight to the development and monitoring of the organization.

The Technology and Treasurers operating committees have a goal planning meeting once a year to help set goals, standards, objectives and evaluation methods for the upcoming school year.  These committees and focus groups allow for the exchange of information.  The meetings provide the forum for communicating the status, progress and evaluation of specific goals and activities.  In an effort to further communicate with all participating districts, committee minutes and agendas are available on the NEOnet website.  Evaluation forms and sign-in logs are also archived in the NEOnet training binder.

The Board of Directors, Audit and Finance committees aid in allocating sufficient resources towards goals and objectives.  This is done by reviewing financial reports, employee evaluations, and customer surveys.

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Here is a list of committees, responsibilities, members, meeting dates and meeting minutes.