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June, 2022 Student Services Update

DASL FR transfer defect update. Fall initialization questionnaire coming July 24th, News about the EMIS 22-33 change. Important dates and plenty of professional development opportunities available.[…]

To sign up trainings click here: Please remember you have to sign into the website in order to click RSVP.All trainings will be held in NEOnet lab unless otherwise noted
6/15/22 Student Services Open Lab 1:00 PM
6/20/22 EMIS Alliance Working Missing Assessment Lists 9:00 AM Hybrid
7/6/22 Student Services Open Lab 1:00 PM
7/7/22 EMIS CrossCheck for Superintendents 9:00 AM
7/27/22 Student Services Open Lab 1:00 PM

DASL Updates- related to EMIS
FR Transfer There was a DASL defect related to the transfer of FR data to the data collector. The defect was the FR Transfer was not creating a record with the mark of W when the course section assignment drop date equals course term stop date.   A DASL fix was applied recently, so if you experienced this issue you may want to complete another FR transfer.

Fall Initialization – Districts will receive an email with the questionnaire by June 24th.   If your district is going to participate, please complete the form, sign and return.   If you would like to opt out, please check the box at the bottom, sign and return.

One of the first steps with Fall Initialization is to set DASL/Student Information to default school year to the 2022/2023. We anticipate setting the default school year for NEOnet will be the evening of July 15th.

EMIS Update:
EMIS change 22-33 – Ohio Revised Code §3313.7115 lists the requirements related to glucagon, with ORC §3313.7115 (G) requiring any district procuring glucagon to report each procurement and usage to the Department.

Enter the number of doses of glucagon procured by the district. Report a separate record for each date. Procurement does not include doses received from the parent. This relates to the district supply only.

Enter the number of doses used. Report a separate record for each date.

Report this on the District Organization (DN) Record

Collections Closing:                                                                                  

Spring End of Course – Closes 7.13.22

End of Year Student Collection (TRAD) – Closes 7.13.22

Spring State Assessment Grades 3-8 – Closes 7.13.22

SOES End of Year Student Collection – Closes 7.13.22

DPR Assessment – Closes 7.13.22

Student Cross Reference – Closes 7.15.22

Data Appeals

Appeal windows open 7.14.22 to 7.22.22:

  • FY22 Fall 3rd Grade ELA & Reading
  • FY22 Dropout Prevention & Recovery Assessment
  • FY22 Spring End of Course Assessment
  • FY22 Spring State Assessment Grades 3-8
  • FY22 End of Year Student
  • FY22 SOES End of Year Student

All deadlines to submit corrected data – 7.28.22

EMIS CrossCheck:
New checks added in recent releases. We encourage you to read complete release notes and utilize the More Info tab

  • Staff Long-Term Absences
  • EOY Data Check Glucagon reporting
  • Graduation Financial Lit. & Fine Arts Req.
  • Missing Hardware or Connectivity GQ Codes
  • RISP/IISP Expired or Due within 90 Days

Professional Development

July 7th 9:00 AM- Webinar only
EMIS Cross Check for Superintendents. (EMIS Coordinators are more then welcome to attend as well)
EMIS CrossCheck is a data verification tool designed to allow schools to dig deeper into their EMIS data. In addition, dashboards are included to provide EMIS data at a glance at both district and building level. Join us in this webinar to review how EMIS CrossCheck can be a powerful tool for superintendents and other admin staff.  This session will review the dashboards and provide a brief summary how your EMIS Coordinators will utilize the tool to engage with their EMIS data beyond their SIS and Data Collector.

Interested in signing up?
If your district is interested in purchasing EMIS Cross Check for the FY23 school year our team can provide you a quote and a student privacy agreement to sign off on. Please contact us at

GradeBook Year End Information:

GradeBook will be unavailable Friday, July 1st at 3:00 pm

2022-2023 GradeBook Integration:

NEOnet is offering Self-Administered, In-person and NEOnet completed Integration for the 22-23 school year. Please complete the GradeBook Integration Survey is available at:

Special Services Refresh

Due: June 17, 2022

End Of Year –Completing Open and In Review Tasks

Complete all OPEN Documents with the exclusion of current Progress Reports for the 2021-2022 school year. Extract or manually enter Special Ed Events data of completed docs for correct funding.

  • Use the Dashboard to find Open or In Review documents.
  • Review the data in excel and sort by type

Complete the Year End Survey at:

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