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If you are unable to login, and password reset did not help, please create a helpdesk ticket via email or phone (330.926.3900).

August, 2022 Student Services Update

DASL 22.0 now has CSV import option for student graduation exemptions and diploma seals. Several updates for the latest DataMap, and NEOnet now supports around 115 LEAs across six counties for EMIS. Updates for SpecialServices, SameGoal, and Gradebook, and more professional training events.[…]

To sign up trainings click here: Please remember you have to sign into the website in order to click RSVP. All trainings will be held in NEOnet lab unless otherwise noted
8/24/22 Student Services Open Lab 1:00 PM
8/31/22 Student Services Open Lab 1:00 PM
9/1/22 Special Services Refresh User Review 1:00 PM- Hybrid
9/6/22 SameGoal User Review 1:00 PM- Hybrid
9/7/22 Gradebook Beg. of Year Follow-up 9:00 AM- Hybrid
9/7/22 DASL New User Session 9:00 AM- Hybrid
9/8/22 Special Services Refresh User Review 1:00 PM- Hybrid
9/14/22 Student Services Open Lab 1:00 PM
9/15/22 Gradebook Roundtable 9:00 AM- Hybrid
9/15/22 DASL Roundtable 10:00 AM- Hybrid
9/22/22 DataMap Roundtable 9:00 AM- Hybrid
9/28/22 Special Services Roundtable 9:00 AM- Hybrid

DASL Update
We are very excited to announce an enhancement request added during the summer 22.0 release dealing with Graduation! DASL now has a screen where you can import a comma-separated file (.csv) of student graduation exemptions and graduation diploma seals. You will be able to mass import if a student plans to earn or earns any of the 12 diploma seals, and you will be able to mass import exemptions like Advanced Math, Advanced Science, or met requirements like Community Service, Career Pathway, etc.
A sample of the .csv file with proper headers can be found at either of this URLs: or

NEOnet will be going over how to use this import feature, along with several other Graduation enhancements recently added at our two DASL Graduation Points module trainings in October!

DataMap Update:

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!

Always start with the good!  We had some really exciting enhancements with the last two releases for DataMap:

  • Multiple Measures
    • You can now select up to 3 years of OST data and up to 3 years of Third Party and District Assessment data to view all at once!
    • Multiple Measures also now defaults to English/Reading/Writing instead of Reading.
    • Grade Level is now listed when displaying assessment data
  • Graduation Points
    • Graduation Plan is available to download from the Student Roadmap and the Graduation Points page.  Look for the paper icon
    • Grade Level is also listed on the page
    • AND!  When the Graduation Points page is exported to excel the “View Mode” is honored!!  Meaning, if you select Graduation Pathways in View Mode, when exported only the Graduation Pathway information is downloaded to the excel file.
  • Student Search
    • On the homepage of DataMap, a field has been added to be able to search by Student ID!
  • STAR Renaissance
    • Starting with the 2022-2023 school year, the STAR import will include the Unified Scale score.
    • The Unified Scale score will be available to be used to identify students who qualify for a RIMP.
      • Please do not go back and re-import previous years of STAR.
    • You can now use the Provider Website option to request and import your file. The Provider Website option now selects the 2020 Norms when files are requested.
    • Science scores are now able to be imported.  Please go back to prior years and import the Science data if needed.
    • If you were not able to import your AASCD file in previous school years due to the test date, please go back and import the previous school years.  This issue has been resolved.

Now for a bit of not so good news.

  • AP
    • The AP subjects were not mapping appropriately.  This has been corrected (somewhat)
    • Please re-import your 2021-2022 AP data to ensure all data is loaded in DataMap.  Districts that use NEOnet data services for DataMap, this has been done for you.
    • Also, the AP data is displaying in multiple subjects, not necessarily where you think it may be.  Frontline is aware of this and NEOnet has requested for the subjects to be limited to:  English, Reading, Science, SS, and Other.  You will find the AP data under the following subject areas:
      • Art= Art History
      • Arts and Literature=English Literature and Composition
      • Computer= Computer Science A; Computer Science Principals (is not listing at this time in DataMap)
      • English= English Language and Composition
      • History= European History; United States History; World History
      • Math= Calculus; Statistics
      • Other= United States Government and Politics
      • Science= Biology; Chemistry; Environmental Science; Psychology
      • World Languages= French Language and Culture; Spanish Language and Culture

A couple Reminders:

  • Remember to close your RIMPs from the 2021-2022 school year
  • Verify the RIMP Programs selected for the 2022-2023 school year.  This year, the RIMP programs were pre-selected for 22/23 based on what was selected in 21/22.  So please verify these are what your district will be using
  • Interventions, please remember if your district closes Interventions at the end of each school year, please remember to close all your Interventions prior to the start of 22/23

As always, if you are interested in Professional Development for DataMap or starting the RIMP and/or Intervention process for the 22/23 school, please contact NEOnet at

EMIS Update:
For FY22/23, With the addition of Chardon Local School District, EEG Dayton Community School, and EEG Cincinnati Technology Academy School, NEOnet now supports around 115 LEAs across six counties.

The EMIS Support staff comprises six dedicated employees that will be the first level of support to district and building staff for any EMIS questions, with us being the liaison between the district, district buildings, and ODE on all EMIS-related activities

NEOnet EMIS staff will also educate staff on the proper data entry method into the EMIS reporting software (DASL) for reporting gifted students, economic disadvantages, discipline, all special education data, and all aspects of graduation data reporting.

EMIS Resources
Check out our website under EMIS Documentation for our latest version of EMIS NEWs and the FY23 Data Collection Planning Tool

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click EMIS Services.

Collections Closing:                                                                           

FY22 Spring Early Learning Assessment – 8.26.22

FY22 Child Outcome Summary – 8.26.22

Collections Opening:

FY23 SOES Beginning of Year Student Collection – 8.1.22

FY23 SOES Student Contact(s) Collection – 8.1.22

FY23 Beginning of Year Student Collection – 8.15.22

Data Appeals

The following appeals will be open 8.8.22 to 8.19.22

  • FY22 OELPA
  • FY22 Alternate
  • FY22 Final Staff/Course
  • FY22 Final Calendar
  • FY22 CTE Assessment

Deadline to submit corrected data is 8.26.22 @ 5 PM      

FY22 Other AccountabilityOpen 8.11.22 – 8.19.22

            Deadline to submit Corrected data is 8.26.22 @ 5 PM

FY22 Summer 3rd Grade Reading – Open 8.15.22 – 8.26.22

            Deadline to submit corrected data is 9.2.22 @ 5 PM

FY22 Funding – Open 8.22.22 – 9.2.22

FY22 Early Learning AssessmentOpen 8.29.22 – 9.9.22

            Deadline to submit corrected data is 9.15.22

FY22 Child Outcome Summary – Open 8.29.22 – 9.9.22

            Deadline to submit corrected data is 9.15.22

EMIS Data Review & Verification

FY22 Report Card Data – Review period 8.22.22 – 9.12.22

  • Collections included:
  • FY22 Spring End of Course State Assessment Collection 
  • FY22 Spring State Assessment Grades 3-8 Collection
  • FY22 Fall 3rd Gr ELA and Reading Collection
  • FY22 End of Year Student Collection
  • FY22 SOES End of Year Student Collection
  • FY22 DPR Assessment Collection
  • FY22 March Follow-up Collection
  • FY22 OGT Assessment Collection
  • FY22 Spring Alternate Assessment Collection
  • FY22 Other Accountability Assessments
  • FY22 Calendar Collection – Final
  • FY22 Final Staff and Course Collection
  • FY22 OELPA Assessment Collection

Professional Development

ODE – New EMIS – SDC – August 19th 1pm – 3pm
Preschool EMIS Reporting – August 23rd  – 1pm
Frontline ProgressBook New EMIS Coordinator Training– October 3rd 9 am

To view any previous ODE New EMIS sessions, please

To contact EMIS staff for assistance

Look at our updated GradeBook website page at

  1. Submit Help Desk Ticket
  2. GB Know-How
  3. Quick Links
  4. Roundtable Meeting
  5. Training Agenda
  6. Integration Documentation

Special Services Refresh and SameGoal

Special Services Updated Website:

Look at our updated Special Services website page at

  1. Submit Help Desk Ticket
  2. SPS Refresh and SameGoal Know-How
  3. Quick Links
  4. Roundtable Information
  5. Training Agenda
  6. Helpful Documentation
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