Notes about Managing Attendees

Bug Work Around for Managing Attendees

Greetings! While we wait for the bug fix to get pushed out into a production release of the Events Management tool, which I’m told is soon, here is a work around and details on what is happening when trying to manage attendees.

screenshot of page edit
When version 6.x released they made some changes to the database structure that created a different post ID value for events. Quick note: Nearly ALL website content gets created as a “post,” which has a unique numerical ID. For example, this page I’m creating is post 33070. The new post IDs being created with the version 6.x release start with 1000xxx instead of the 5 digit post IDs. As such, they break the relationship between the event post and the attendees ties to that post. Thankfully there is a work around that’s generally pretty easy. 

  1.  Find your event on the front end of the website NOTE: If your event is hidden see steps noted below. 
  2.  If you’re logged in, you will see a link for Attendees in the admin bar. Clicking this link should get you directly to the attendee list. If you’re curious, you can mouseover the link, wait a brief second, and the full URL should display in lower left status bar area of your browser which will show the Post ID. In the screenshot the post ID for Student Services Open Lab is 29075.
  3. If your event is hidden, you have one extra step as you won’t be able to see this page from the normal Events screen. Access the Events tool in the admin screen, then mouse over the title/event name to get the event details layer pop-up. Click the link that says “View”. This will load the event as if you were viewing it from the front end of the website. You’ll then be able to click the Attendees link in the upper right as noted in step 2 above.

I hope this issue will be resolved by the developer soon and I’ll keep you posted once it is.