House Bill 410

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House Bill 410

NEOnet is dedicated to keep our members informed with the most up-to-date information regarding HB410. This page will continued to be updated as more information, best practices, and trainings come available. 

ODE HB410 Summary

ODE-House Bill 410 FAQ

ODE- Answers from call on November 14, 2017

DASL (StudentInformation) HB410 District Task Checklist

DASL Absence Intervention Screen & Letters

DASL tutorial video on how to use Absence Intervention Screen

DASL FAQ and checklist Powerpoint

DASL HB410 Ad Hoc Reports Review

DASL How to schedule report reports for automatic delivery

ODE Absence Intervention Plan Template

Austintown Local Schools Truancy Flow Chart for Habitual Truant


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