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EMIS Connections Workshops

EMIS Connections Workshops- Keeping you connected to EMIS requirements

The NEOnet EMIS services team presents the EMIS connections workshops page. This is your one stop shop to keep EMIS coordinators connected to all the possible professional development opportunities presented by NEOnet, ODE, MCOECN, OAEP and more! From sessions geared towards new EMIS Coordinators to monthly workshops to keep everyone’s knowledge maintained.  Keeping yourself updated and connected to EMIS requirements is the best way to ensure your school district’s data is accurate for funding.

By attending eight (8) of the EMIS sessions below indicated with the connection seal you can earn a NEOnet EMIS Connected certificate and seal! The eight (8) sessions can be attended over a span of several fiscal reporting years.      

Congratulations to recent certificate recipients: Becky Novak (Woodridge), Carol Friihauf (Twinsburg), Amy Glass (Field), Beth Harrison (Summit Academy), Chris Shaw (Cuyahoga Falls), Mary Dolis (NEOnet), Raina Henderson (Kent & Cuyahoga Falls), Emily Roberts (Copley, Summit ESC & Schnee Learning Center), Catherine Wright (Revere & Cuyahoga Falls)        


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