NewseumED is an educational website that aims to promote media literacy and critical thinking among students and educators. It offers a diverse range of interactive resources, primary sources, and lesson plans centered around media, journalism, and First Amendment issues. Through its engaging content and tools, empowers students to become informed and responsible citizens in an ever-evolving media landscape.

Better Explained is a website dedicated to simplifying complex mathematical concepts and making them easier to understand. It offers intuitive explanations, visual aids, and real-life examples to help learners grasp challenging mathematical ideas more effectively. The website covers a wide range of topics, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus, making it a valuable resource for students, educators, and anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of mathematics.

Rapid Tables is a comprehensive online resource that offers a wide range of calculators, converters, and reference tools for various subjects. It provides quick access to tools related to mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other scientific disciplines, allowing users to perform complex calculations and conversions effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface and vast collection of informative articles and charts, serves as a valuable platform for students, educators, and professionals seeking efficient solutions and useful information across multiple fields.

Common Curriculum is a user-friendly website designed to streamline lesson planning for educators. It offers a digital platform where teachers can easily create, organize, and share lesson plans, unit plans, and curriculum materials. The website’s intuitive interface allows teachers to collaborate with colleagues, align their lessons with academic standards, and efficiently manage their instructional resources, ultimately saving time and enhancing the overall teaching experience.

Education Galaxy

Education Galaxy combines question-and-answer learning with games to help students learn in an engaged way. The goal is to help them prepare for testing. The free-to-use platform also provides feedback so teachers can take away how students are doing as well as how the class is fairing as a whole. It’s a learning and feedback tool all rolled into one simple and fun system. Pricing is free for Basic, limiting you to either 30 students for all subjects or 150 students on one subject. (

NASA Materials for the Classroom

The NASA Office of STEM Engagement works collaboratively with NASA’s mission directorates to promote education as an integral component of every major NASA research and development mission. These efforts result in innovative and informative educational materials that engage student interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Search hundreds of resources by subject, grade level, type and keyword.

Learning Ally

Learning Ally Audiobooks is a digital library app (web, iOS, Android) that features human-voiced audiobooks. It’s designed to meet the needs of struggling readers, including those with a learning disability, physical disability, or visual impairment. Educators supporting these students get free access. The collection of 80,000 human-read audiobooks include mass market and classic literature and fiction, non-fiction, and curriculum-aligned titles. Students and teachers can easily locate books based on grade, Lexile, subject, category, or curriculum, –


ReadingIQ is a digital library app from Age of Learning (the creators of ABC Mouse). It features over 7,000 digital books for a wide range of reading levels. Students’ libraries auto-populate with books based on their indicated reading levels. There are picture books, chapter books, beginning reader books, books with no words, and books with no pictures. All books are classified according to grade and/or Lexile level as well as category such as Adventure and Mystery, Earth and Space, or The World of Work. Books in the Show What You Know category have a short comprehension quiz at the end. –

The Learning Network

The Learning Network is a website that features news content from The New York Times tuned for teacher use and classroom discussion. There’s a host of features, many updated regularly, including daily lessons, a word of the day, writing and thinking prompts based on images or graphs, contests, and quizzes. –

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a directory for over 30 TV and web-only PBS Kids shows designed for older preschool and early elementary school-age kids. Kids can navigate directly to a particular show’s individual site, where they’ll find games, videos, activities, and other related content. –